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 About BlueprintTennis

“What does it really take to become a top player?”

The primary goal of BlueprintTennis is to answer this question for young tennis players, parents, and coaches.

Why do we do it?

There is a belief in the tennis community that a top player can only be made from “gifted” prodigies who are born with a special something that gives them the potential to go all the way. A one in a million. This view is not held by everyone, but from my experience in junior tennis, and from talking with other current and former players, it is clear that this attitude is widespread and penetrates all levels of the game, from players to parents to coaches to administrators. The problem is, that this represents a lack of belief in every other kid out there, and gives all players the wrong idea about what really separates champions from everyone else.

Why this is a major problem for young players and for Australian tennis:
  1. Kids are not encouraged to dream big, because it’s made clear quite early (directly or indirectly) whether they do or don’t have a special talent.
  2. Only the most promising “talented” players (i.e. the lucky few to be drafted into the country’s top programs) are taken seriously and given the attention they need to make major improvements to their game. The rest are left to fend for themselves. This results in Australia (for example) having all their eggs in one basket (the chosen few players with “potential to go all the way”), and leaves a huge pool of talent out in the cold with limited support.
We address these issues by showing that:

a) The common perception is wrong: the best players are ALL made, not born.
b) Young players can decide and control whether or not they become a top player, and not just wish or hope they have what it takes.

Plus we provide as much information as we can muster that shows you HOW a top player is made.
You can get this information in 3 ways:
1) Read our blog for the most compelling and relevant research findings on how world-class tennis players and other athletes get to the highest level, and what separates the best from the rest. These findings come from studies in wide-ranging fields such as psychology, neuroscience, physiology, behavioural science, and more.

2) Get our Blueprints for detailed case studies of the world’s best players. Each is a map of a successful career from childhood to top professional, providing inspiration and benchmarks for those aiming for the top (coming soon).
3) Follow us on Twitter to stay inspired with tips and advice for taking control of your game, as well as links to any useful info we can hunt down, and updates about our latest blogs, blueprints and VIP offers. Twitter is also our best way of staying in touch with the needs of junior players, so please find us here if you want to ask any questions or contribute advice of your own.