The Federer Blueprint

31 Lessons from the Greatest of All Time

A brand new Roger Federer Biography

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An ordinary kid CAN become

an extraordinary player

…read The Federer Blueprint to find out how.




The Federer Blueprint is a biography of the early life of Roger Federer. But it’s a lot different to an ordinary Roger Federer biography. This biography digs into the details of his history in order to answer the question…how did Roger become great? We use these answers to solve a much more important problem…how can an ordinary kid become an extraordinary player?


The Federer Blueprint:

  • Examines the early life and career of Roger Federer
  • Shows you what it really took Roger to reach the top
  • Reveals the factors that were critical to his success
  • Serves up 31 critical lessons a young player needs to reach the top


Warning: This handbook will change the way you approach your tennis, whether you plan to make it to number one, or just win your local tournament.

“Wow! Very clearly written and an easy read. I will be re-reading it and I want my husband to give it a read as well. Kudos to you for delving into such a fascinating project: de-mystifying the ‘born with talent’ myth.”
Margaret Cibiri – Montreal, Canada.


The Federer Blueprint is available exclusively on this site as a downloadable PDF handbook. |Download a free sample here|

  • Content: 80 pages of in-depth analysis of Roger’s junior career and development. A gold mine of information for aspiring junior players and their parents.
  • Price: $29.95 AUD (Note: price in USD typically varies from $28-31)
  • Delivery: Instant download!

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Important: Roger Federer does not endorse and is not involved with this book in any way. And to be frank, we prefer it that way. This means that we are able to cut through the Federer mystique and objectively get to the heart of the matter. Forget natural gifts, forget genetic marvel, forget one-of-a-kind…we show you how he REALLY became great.

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